Fusion artist ‘Dark’ album by Jan Edwards is out now

Fusion artist Jan Edwards cannot be put in a box – a fact she’s shown again with the release of her new project today, Friday, October 20, 2023. Inside the ‘DARK’ album, Edwards delves deep into the darker side of human nature. With tracks that twirl and spin between whimsy and pensive, this album is a new direction for Edwards and one that clearly has her heart and soul poured in.

The genre-meshing found throughout the album keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, as they can never guess the masterminding of the next song. As the lighthearted tracks offer moments of levity and playfulness, the darker singles scattered throughout are both emotive and evocative. Jan Edwards ‘DARK’ album finds its home perfectly balancing the line between easy listening and inner exploration. “Darkness haunts us all in one way or another in many different ways, and at different times of our lives. I wanted to explore that side of human nature in this project called, ‘DARK’,” says Edwards when asked about the conception of the album.

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