‘Merry Everything’ EP from Jan Edwards out now

Pop-fusion artist Jan Edwards is back with another themed project for the holidays. Following her release of the ‘DARK’ album for the 2023 Halloween season, Edwards released her ‘Merry Everything’ EP today, Friday, November 10, 2023.

With each song, Edwards flexes her songwriting prowess along with crafting a well-branded EP that immediately puts listeners in the holiday state-of-mind. As is true of her past projects, Edwards put her all into the thematic writing and production of this Christmas EP. ‘Merry Everything’ consists of eight tracks, all originals: “Christmas All Around”, “Holiday Mood”, “Christmas To Blame”, “Perfect Christmas Eve”, “Happy Holiday State of Mind”, “True Gift of Christmas”, “Wrapped in Your Love”, and the title track “Merry Everything”. When asked about the creation and development of the project, Edwards comments “Christmas songs are one of my favorite things to write. I love to make people smile, laugh and cry. There is magic in the season and bringing that to life in songs makes me very happy.” Upon a single listen through of the ‘Merry Everything’ EP, listeners can clearly see how Edwards surpassed her goal of writing songs filled with the magic of Christmas.

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